Why My Style Is Not Necessarily “In Style”

“56.36% of teens state they buy clothes only because of the style”

There could be many different reasons why you would buy an article of clothing or a pair of shoes.

It could be that it was on sale and has a good price, or it might be because you got it from the local hot brand dealer.

Or, you bought it because it's what's in style right now.

I can understand the first two concepts, because they make the most logical sense, and they can both go hand in hand if you happen to stumble across a wonderful deal.

Buying anything just because it's in style but is still at a full price, will make your money drain faster than ever.

Why Impulses Are A Double Bladed Axe

Studies show that teens spend around 21% of the budget on clothing. And studies also show that most articles of clothing are discarded anywhere from one to two and a half years after its initial purchase.

Something that blows my mind is the fact that people will buy something brand new, only to shove into the back of a closet or throw it away completely.

That's when I started to really understand how big a problem buying into trends and having impulses can be for both your home and your wallet.

At my school, trends come and go super quick. For example, one big trend was the checkered style of Vans shoes. A few people started wearing them and before you know it, everyone was wearing them.

Just a little research and for that pair of shoes, they went for as much as 60 dollars. If your a teenager with a job, chances are your earning minimum wage, or pretty close to it and these shoes you bought is equivalent to around five hours of work.

That number might vary depending on where you live and what your minimum wage is, but it's still crazy how many people think that those shoes were a good purchase.

Shoes are one of those things that you only need one or two pairs to get you through. If you choose them only because they're in style, you’re wasting your money.

Yeah they might be cool for the time but before you know it, they're going to be out of style and nobody's going to want to wear them and you know what? Your sixty bucks will be spent on something no one will want to wear again.

That’s the dangers of buying into trends, one minute they’re hot stuff, and then the next minute no one wants them. Trends and styles are extremely volatile, and there isn’t any factor that determines if another trend will start or end at any given moment.

Its, for this reason, is why I gave up on trying to fit in with the different styles. Between the amount of money, I was spending on clothes, and the amount of time and energy spent collaborating my clothes to fit in, it just wasn’t worth it.

My Cold Heart Truth

To say the cold hard truth, I just don’t care about wearing the current style. I’m a strong believer in not paying a wicked amount of money for clothes. Don’t get me wrong, having nice stuff is okay and I do own nice stuff, its juts that nice stuff was bought either with a discount or on sale because what I figure is people are trying to flex on other people about how much this certain thing cost when in reality, that’s completely stupid.

How much a certain thing costs have absolutely nothing to do with that object being better.

The fact is all these items are made in the same darn factory and the only thing different about them, is the brand name on them. And that brand name is just a code to get you to spend more money.

By understanding that the price of something doesn’t make any object better than another one, is what I think is the first step in freeing yourself from falling into buying sprees. After that, if you’re really after saving money, looking for those quality items with a discount is your way to go.

Further down the line, you could even take those discounted items and deals and sell them to someone whos looking to buy into the trends, which would be great because of your taking advantage of the trends.

I’m totally fine with wearing stuff that isn’t the hot stuff, and I’d like to say my style isn’t even that bad. It’s just I’m not willing to spend bigger amounts of money on stuff that most people only get to impress other people.


I stopped buying into trends because I was spending money on stuff I didn’t feel was worth it. I’d much rather find something on a bargain, to save some money, or even better to find it free, because in the end clothes really don’t matter.

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