Why Mowing People's Lawns Is One Of My Favorite Ways To Earn Money

Only 40% of teens work during the summer

Working can be no fun. It gets in the way of doing what you wanna do when you want to do it.

But there is one thing we can all agree on: it provides you with money.

Teenagers and money go together like milk and cookies, a match made in heaven.

But working part-time during school can be hectic; balancing school with work is a hard hike to take.

The summer break is a great time to earn money for you to have during school, and I find that mowing the lawn is the best side jobs you can start.

Personally, it's my favorite way because I just plug in my headphones and have at it, and it isn’t that complicated. If you enjoy it or are interested in learning, it can be a killer way to make money.

But there are some things to consider if you are going to start with having no prior experience. First off, have someone who knows what they’re doing show you how, and have them watch you as you mow for the first few couples of tries. Only after you gain confidence in both your abilities and your parents or guardians are confident in you can you proceed.

Where To Find Target Clients

A major thing you should consider is who would you want to reach out to first. Is it your very close neighbors? Relatives and friends? Or people from across town? Something to consider when your choosing where to target and find your customers, is if there's a bunch of other competition in the area too. Chances are you're not the only one, which doesn’t let that discourage you.

At the end of the day, the only really big factor that will affect if you get business or not is how well of a job you do. This means if you have good patterns in the grass, the edges are all done, there all the grass clippings are raked up and stowed away in trash bags, every little detail makes the difference when you're mowing the lawn.

Hopefully the better jobs you do and by going above and beyond, eventually, word will spread that your jobs are good and then you can get free promotions through other people which will, in turn, help you grow your business.

What You’ll Need

Out of all the supplies you'll need to make a good job mowing the lawn, the first one to get your hands on is the mower. This is your most important part of the equipment, a push mower will be better in towns and cities because riding mowers are just too clanky, because the lawns are just too small. Also make sure that your mower is full, both with gas, and oil. It wouldn’t hurt if you brought extra gas just in case you run out, as it sucks to have to leave a job half-finished to go and get more fuel.

Next will be your weed wacker. These are good for getting all around the edges and in the little nooks and crannies that the mower can't get into. I find that electric weed wacker is easier to use, as you don’t have to put two-stroke gas into the machine, and these two-stroke weed wacker are an absolute pain to start, so if you have one already, don’t worry about it, but if you don’t I’d highly recommend an electric one.

Third would be the trash bags and possibly a rake. After you're done mowing the lawn, most of the grass clippings will make it in the bag behind the push mower but some won't and if you want to go above and beyond I’d highly recommend taking the rake and using it to rake up the leftover grass clippings. Then dispose of the bags in whatever way is most available, either trash can or the dumpster will do.

Number four would be a way to move stuff. It’ll be much easier if a parent or a friend or a guardian having a pickup truck so you can load and go, but you can also move your stuff on foot, which is better for the environment and also your health but will take more time.

How To Mow The Lawn

Now that you have all the equipment, mowing is pretty straight forward. You'll just fire up the mower and walk behind it until you get all the grass down. The thing to consider though is the pattern. The pattern is what makes the lawn look great.

The pattern is in which you follow the mower around the lawn instead of just going willy-nilly all over the place the best and easiest method we just to be to follow the edges all the way around and slowly work your way in making sure you don't miss any side little slivers that happen to get missed in your rounds. Just follow the pattern you’ve created to the middle and you should be good. If you do miss any spots, just fire the mower and fix them.


If you follow these steps and tips, in no time you’ll be able to mow perfect lawns around the neighborhood.

If you want to turn this into your job, just repeat all the steps over and over and over, making sure you go 110% on each lawn, and over time people will start to notice and you’ll get more and more clients so you can charge more for lawns which would then give you more money in your pocket.

And by running your own business, you’ll be able to schedule your work on your terms, which means you’ll be free to do whatever it is you need to do after you get your work done.

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