Why I Love Being Cheap

"60 percent of people consider cheapness to be a good thing"

Being cheap is more lifestyle than anything.

It involves looking for deals, watching where all your money goes, having something you bought at a full price literally until it falls apart, and this list could go on and on forever.

The Story

Personally, being cheap was really the only option I had at the moment in life I chose to go full cheapo. I was young, and I mean pretty young. I’m only seventeen now but I must have been ten or nine once I made my decision. Ever since I made my first big purchase, (which was buying a fourth-generation iPod touch, which I paid a hundred dollars for and my father matched the other hundred) I realized that having money could get you whatever you wanted.

And being only nine, half the time I didn’t even know what I wanted to spend my money on, (which was usually bigger lego sets at the time) and these usually were pretty expensive to buy, so I decided to save the money I had for my bigger purchases.

I repeated this process of saving for something big, then buying and saving even more. As I got older, I grew out of this phase and mentality of buying stuff that was expensive, solely because I wanted it. Instead, adopting the mindset of saving my money for a future day purchase.

As the years went on, I began to hate the idea of not having any money in my wallet. I was a super worrier as a child and one of my biggest fears was I was never going to have enough money in life, even though my family is financially established. So one day, the need to buy cool fancy stuff left, and I’m super glad about that.

As I hit about grade nine, I watched my friends blow all their money on brand name pants, sneakers, and other material stuff, which was a total eye-opener to me, as I was witnessing what I would have been in the fear of not having money hadn’t got to me.

So that was it. My life of cheapness had begun. Now I try and save money whenever I can. I take the bus to save gas for my car, which I only bought after finding the best deal on a used 2014 ford escape with 200k on it. The sole reason I bought the thing was to get to where I worked in the summer, forty-five minutes away.

I love using coupons to buy meals, and thrifting is one of my favorite things to do. It’s like finding the stuff that you need, only for a fraction of the price. There are sometimes where I buy something new for myself, but I try to avoid that as much as possible or wait extremely long for the item to be at its lowest price before buying. I once waited for 6 years for a video game to be only 19.99.


The moral of the story, being cheap is a big part of my life. Finding deals with not wasting money is the name of the game and I love every part of it. Buying stuff new is cool, but it gets addicting fast, and there’s nothing like finding that 24.99 item for only 3.99.

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