Top 10 Things To Have In Your Arsenal During School

"70% Of Kids Choose To Listen To Music While They Multitask While Studying”

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It’s no secret that in school, you have to have stuff with you.

Pens, pencils, erasers, paper, notebooks, you name it and it’s probably been in one kid’s backpack or another.

Ever since I’ve been a little kid and to going to kindergarten, there’s always been some sort of supplies that I’ve had to carry with me. Even now as I’m 17, the number of stuff that accumulates over the years after the grade is finished is nuts.

Even now, I’m still using my scissors from grade nine, and I think I still have a few pens left from around that time too.

Without all our supplies, learning and being in school would be extremely difficult because school is built on you bringing your own stuff in your backpack into the classroom. One thing I’ve learned through my twelve years of schooling is that if your teacher lends you a pencil, you should consider yourself lucky.

But there are some items that aren’t in your everyday school supply list that makes life WAY easier. Some are smaller items that can fit in your pocket and go unnoticed, and others are almost certain to draw attention to you.

None of these items are used for cheating, but some of them might be against your classroom rules, so it’d be best to check with your teachers.

I have personally used each and every item myself, and my opinions are strictly my own, and what has worked for me might not work as well for you.

But here’s the list of the top ten items you should have with you while you’re at school, that’ll make your life easier.

1. Mechanical Pencils

If there’s one thing that I absolutely hate, it would have to be writing with a traditional pencil. They’re too big, leave smudge marks, and about half the time the eraser doesn’t even work.

If that sounds annoying enough, there’s still the fact of the pencil’s biggest, most annoying, utterly useless caretaking task is sharpening the damn thing.

You’ll be so pumped to crack out a brand new, sleek, clean pencil out of the box and get ready to sharpen its point so it will be sharp enough to pierce lead.

But as you continue to crank the handle what do you see? Your new pencil literally disappears right in front of you, with you rarely even getting a sharp point in the first place.

I consider these pencils just took much hassle for what they’re worth, and that’s why mechanical pencils are just the better solution.

For 10 bucks you can get a pack of 40 and you’ll be good to go. Mechanical pencils write better, don’t take a hassle to sharpen, and the fact that they actually erase makes them worth the 0.25cents that each pencil costs.

2. A Fast Charger

As much as most teachers wish it wasn’t true, the fact of the matter if that pretty much every kid, adult and teen that is in school or some other class has a phone with them.

And unless you happen to have an Lg X Power, and especially if you have an iPhone I can bet that your battery is going to disappear as fast your pencil did in the sharpener, and this is where a fast charger is going to come into handy.

I use my phone in class to listen to music, and I have an Lg G4 so my battery drains as fast as an iPhone does, but the one thing I do love about Lg is that when I got my phone is it came with a fast charger.

The Lg fast charger will literally take my fourteen percent battery to 80 percent in around 20 minutes. The quick charge is absolutely crucial when you only have a small amount of time to work with.

3. A Good Calculator

Math is one of those things that you use every day, for almost anything you can think of. Math is so important that some professors actually go on to state that math is the universal language, one that each and every being in the world can understand.

There is a bunch of math that takes too long and is just easier to type into a calculator and go. The only problem is some teachers and professors don’t allow calculators, (which in my opinion is stupid) so just be careful before wiping out your math machine.

I love to use the Texas Instruments Ti-30x for everyday quick math and for harder, more complicated results I use the Texas Instruments Ti-89 titanium. This calculator works especially great for doing most things revolving around calculus, meaning it can solve most derivatives and find the limits of things.

The Ti-89 has saved me through a couple of calculus tests in the past and I can’t recommend a better calculator.

4. Headphones

It’s no shocker that classrooms can be noisy. If you’re like me, that noise can make it so it’s quite difficult to focus and retain what’s being taught. This is exactly the reason why I use headphones while I’m in class.

After I’ve obtained my teacher’s permission, I can just chuck my headphones on and block out all the extra noise and distraction. I find that I’m more productive and work harder when I have my headphones on.

Even better is the Boltune headphones I use come with a secret weapon, noise-cancelling. With a quick flick of a button I can turn off most loud noises, which will crank up productivity for most people.

5. A Good Water Bottle

I find it surprising that so many kids and people in my school don’t carry a water bottle with them. Our bodies require us to drink at least half a gallon a day.

This really is common knowledge. Carrying a water bottle around with you where ever you go gives you absolutely no excuse not to stay hydrated. The more water you drink, the better you generally feel.

Water also works as a great wake up solution too. There’ll be some days where I’m so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open but then I flip the cap off and take a swig of ice-cold water to help kickstart the brain. It works like a charm.

6. An External Hard Drive

Since the Internet has been revolutionary towards every aspect of daily life, schools have been heavily changed by this new age too.

Almost everything you do is digital in some shape or form, and hell with the pandemic going on right now, there are whole countries and provinces that are participating in school digitally.

With school being online basically all the time you’re going to have to save some stuff, whether that be files, documents, or photos at some point you’re going to need a place to put your digital items.

This is where a hard drive comes in. Whether that be an online storage unit or an external one, both have good purposes. Online drives are good for small files, but the problem with them is that random people can get access to your stuff and steal it if it was confidential.

With a physical hard drive, you have a physical object that once it’s disconnected, nothing can get in or out of it. People may still steal it, but they’d have to take it away from you which will deter most thieves.

I use the Seagate 1Tb External Hard Drive because it’s small enough to fit in your pocket but big enough that it won’t get lost as easily. And with the 1Tb of space, you shouldn’t ever have to worry about running out of storage space.

7. A Pack Of Gum

As funny as this may sound, this is a serious item that most people (especially me) need to have with them.

There’ll be some days where you will brush your teeth, and use fluoride but still, get “the gag face”. It sucks, but for what the pack of gum costs, it’s worth every penny to have that quick breath fixer in your pocket. But just make sure you plop that piece in your mouth in private, because once one person sees you have gum, your classmates become the seagulls from the movie Finding Nemo.

8. A Deodorant Stick

Much like the pack of gum, the deodorant works on the same principles. I won’t go into any details, but I can personally say you NEVER know what’s going to happen during the day (In my case it turned out to be a 5km run) and it’s just better to be safe than sorry.

9. A Cell Phone

Many of my teachers are going to argue with me for this one, but especially now of days, I think it’s quite crucial you have a phone with you. I mean, as long as your not on it in class, you should be ok.

Your phone lets you get access to the internet when the wifi routers are down, send private emails and texts that school sometimes requires you to do, and can even double as a decent calculator too.

Some teachers and professors oppose having a phone on you, and when this is the case I just shut it off and hide it either in my binder or my locker, which solves the problem.

The type of phone to have doesn’t really matter, but if you’re good with technology I recommend a phone that has android programming. I use the Lg G4, and I mean it isn’t the greatest phone that ever lived but it does the jobs that I need to do.

Android phones also allow you to directly access the phone’s internal files, making file transfer even quicker and digital projects even easier.

10. Some Sort Of Jacket

The last one on the list really depends on where in the world you live. If you live on a coastline or a desert city, the chances of snow are basically zero. Where I live, it can be super hot out on minute, and then freezing cold the next.

There have been days where I’ll set off to walk down to the bus in shorts and a t-shirt, all the while leaving my jacket at home because I figured it made my backpack to big with it stuffed in. I regretted this decision when it started to rain heavy and the wind picked up.

Or another time the same thing happened. I left the house dressed for the beach, only to be called out into the wide-open school parking lot for a fire drill and the wind felt like old man Winters breathe.

Don’t be like me and just pack a jacket, its worth the extra backpack space.


Although there are hundreds of different items that can make your school and university life better, these are the ten that I consider the most important from my personal experience and mistakes.

I can’t promise that these will change your school life, but I can promise that the gum will come in handy when you least expect it.

My personal favourite on the list is the headphones because I literally use them every day for at least two hours or more, and the best part about the Boltune is that the battery lasts at least a week or longer. They were totally worth the 70 bucks.

As the end of high school is on the horizon, I’m excited to see what items are going to make the difference for university too, which will be a future post.

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