The Ultimate Money Stealer: The Car

“Riding A Bicycle To Nearby Destinations Can Save You More Than A Thousand Dollars A Month”

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Cars have changed life for humans forever.

Cars have given us the ability to go where ever we want, with relative ease and usually in a decent amount of time too.

There’s only one problem with cars, they cost…. a lot.

From maintenance to gas and tires, your car will cost you anywhere from 8,000 to 13,000 a year. What makes the whole money stealing package even worse, is that your car doesn’t even go up in value when you own it.

We’ve all heard the statement that “Your car loses 30% of its value right when you take it off the car dealership lot" and even after you take it off the lot it will continue to depreciate around 17% each year after.

So by owning a 30,000 dollar car, you can literally watch the value and your money drain away.

This isn’t true with all the vehicles though, especially when you can find a vehicle that’s underpriced and a steal of a deal.

But there are actually two alternatives that much more practical and fit the need of more people.

One lets you get your exercise while traveling to your destination, and the other lets you get to your destination on autopilot.

You don’t have to be a genius to figure it out, but these two are bicycles and public bus transport.

Out of these two, I’d give the bike more practicality than the bus, solely because you get more connection over where you get to go.

I’m writing this from a perspective of a guy whos just about to head it off to university, and my bike is something that I’m definitely going to be bringing with me.

My Situation

For me, I live out in the middle of the country, far far away from the city that I’m going to be attending university, so it’s crucial that I actually have a vehicle to get there and back.

My original plan was to take the public transit bus back and forth, but where I live they have canceled that program so I’m stuck driving.

Don’t get me wrong, having a car is an absolute blessing and I’m grateful that I could find a car that was extremely affordable, the thing is that having a car works well for my situation but it won’t for everyone.

It’s different when you live out of a big city, but I know for a FACT that having a car will take your money faster than you can even blink.

There are Better Places To Put Your Money

I guess what I’m trying to get at is, that you don’t need a car when you live in a city.

Because as awesome as having a car is they become traps, especially for teens and young adults.

Have you ever had an iPhone that is a couple of generations older than the newest version? And then go on to have people around nag and ask why you don’t have the latest, flashy expensive iPhone?

If you have, I can say from experience that it’s no different for vehicles either.

Most younger people’s financial situations will only allow them to afford older vehicles, which are usually second hand and are nearing their end of lives.

It’s these vehicles that are what young people really should be driving solely because of how cheap they are, but I know from experience is that you’ll get the keys to your older car and turn around to see your friend or kid in your school show up in a brand new 2019 model their parents bought them.

And just like with iPhones with a lot of people, you don’t wanna be the person to drive the old junk, you want to drive the new and awesome stuff.

Next thing you know, after saving and making money to go and get yourself a newer model and when you get the keys to that one, you look up and what the f#ck you see? Those same people driving newer stuff and flashing it off, and the cycle continues.

Because no matter how absolutely stupid it may sound, there are kids who all they have to do is ask their parents and they’ll get what the want, which is absolutely ridiculous.

This is completely different for the people who worked hard and earned their own vehicle themselves because I salute you cause that would have been no easy task.

When you earn something through blood, sweat, and tears, you have every damn right to be proud of it, but I can almost bet it was the cycle above that persuaded you to purchase your sweet wheels.

This is where owning expensive stuff can really come back to bite you in the butt because unless you’re totally chill with being the guy who gets criticized for what you own(which most younger people aren’t ok with), you’re going to walk right into the loop.

As dumb as that loop sounds, if you look around can see that it applies to most things in life and it’s quite hard to dig your heels in and go the other way.

It takes downright courage to be the odd guy out, but if you can break free of the influence you will be the winner in the end.

Even if you have chosen to go out and make a good wade of cash, there are just better places to put your money. The thoughts of owning a car come around when you turn 16, wherein most places your now legally able to drive.

And the thought of a car will stick with many teens from say ages 16 to around their early twenties, and for most (not all) I can almost guarantee that tons of money won’t be rolling in that quick.

Even if you find a way to accumulate that amount of money, there are just way better things that you could be putting your money into besides a car.

You could be starting your own Internet business, buying courses or books on how to increase your financial knowledge, or just use that money to get yourself more established than you already are.

Because a car is what you would call a liability. It costs money and it will only ever continue to take money out of your pocket, so it isn’t worth buying in the first place, as when you’re around this younger age we have an ace in our pocket, time.

Now is the perfect opportunity to take that money and go out and create something, because you have the time to recover and grow from it.

Statistics show that people roughly keep their vehicles for 6-8 years. And in that time all you’re vehicle is going to be doing is losing value or money.

If you were to take that money and invest it into something that will produce more money, say even if you don’t work the kinks out for a few years, you still have at least 5 years for your money to grow and multiply.

It may sound crazy and I’ve been called crazy for saying this stuff, but if you ask any successful person or millionaire, they’ll openly tell you that its these moves that will get you ahead.

The Alternatives

But that does raise the question, what exactly are you supposed to do if you don’t have a car then?

Well, since we’re living in extremely modern times, there are options that will outweigh driving a car anyway.

By living in relative proximity to where ever it is you need to go, there are absolutely tons of options that will get you there without you having to even drive.

1. Biking

This one is my utmost favorite way to get around without driving.

Bikes are one of those things that you basically have to buy once and then forget about it.

A good brand new bike can cost around 500-700 dollars, but I honestly think that’s crazy and I find it’s just better to look for local deals.

You can find bikes on craigslist and garage sales for really cheap. My bike only cost 40 bucks which I found on a Facebook buy and sell group, and that 40 bucks have carried me miles and miles in every direction.

I’ve had no maintenance that I’ve had to do with my bike, besides putting air in the tires every spring which can be done for free at almost any gas station.

Amazon also has some good prices for well-built bikes too. You can usually find one for around 400+ bucks.

Bikes also pull a double whammy where they cause no fuel emissions and since your transportation causes no harm to the environment, you are helping the planet while getting to where you gotta go which is awesome.

2. Buses

Living in the rural countryside, buses are essential to get to school every day, and even in the second half of my grade twelve years and owning a car, I choose to take the bus every day, and here’s why.

First things first, it costs absolutely nothing to ride, but in the city, there is the cost of a bus pass, which is around 50 bucks a month.

Comparing to how much it costs to run a car per month, which once you factor in insurance, gas, payments, and patience you could be looking at anywhere from 700-1000 dollars a month, so 50 bucks are just a small breeze.

The second great thing about buses is that you aren’t responsible for doing any of the driving, meaning you get that extra driving time to do whatever you want.

I usually rest a bit in the morning when its darkest in the winter, and then read when it gets light out because by reading in that spare time, your taking that time most people waste and turning it into time spent growing your strongest weapon, your brain.

Just by reading twenty minutes a day will not only make you smarter but will also lower the risk of developing diseases that target the brain’s cognitive function, like Alzheimer’s, and in my opinion that’s a win-win deal.

3. Walking

Back to humans the first mote of transport, walking has been the only source of transportation for thousands of years.

Walking today is still great, it just usually takes longer to take where you’re going purely because many people just can’t walk super fast.

It’s good for short distances cause you can get there rather quickly, but the farther you go the longer the walk is going to have to be. But sometimes this can work in your favor because there’s usually no traffic on the sidewalk like there is on the road.

Walking has one bigger advantage to both buses and using a bike, and that’s it completely and utterly free.

You get to choose where you want to go, at your own pace. Walking is also great because it can be extremely calming, especially if your walk takes you through some forested area.

Walking also doubles as good exercise too, just like the bike. Walking usually burns as many calories as bikes do, so either one is good for your daily exercise.


Having a car can be awesome. It can provide freedom to go where ever and whenever you want to go.

But it can also be a shackle that will tie you into a money circle that takes courage to break free of.

All in all, there are just way better places to put your money especially if you’re in your younger years.

Putting that cash into something to make you money when your that young can get you majorly ahead down the road and will be worth it all the way.


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