The Most Money I've Made In One Day

So a while back, I took on a local side job. The job was fencing. Ya, fencing. The fence was pretty simple, in a rectangular shape. Living on a farm, I have plenty of chances to the fence and I’ve done it enough so honestly, so my buddy and I both knew quite well what we were going into. The pay was a flat fee of $500. The challenge was to get that fence up before any snow fell. As it wasn’t a terribly long fence, the job sounded perfect and perfectly achievable.

So on a Saturday morning, we loaded up all the tools and equipment we needed and headed out. Right off the bat, we ran into a headache. The weather that day was an absolute disaster. It was around the end of October and in Saskatchewan, that means snow is coming. October in Saskatchewan can be sunny and beautiful, but the challenge of this job was that this was the end of October. On that particular Saturday, it was plus two Celcius, with freezing cold rain, and a super-strong wind.

We had good clothes on but it wasn't long before we both were soaked. It was then we made up our mind that we were going to push to get it done that day because we didn't want to come back tomorrow. So through the rain and the cold, through slick mud that covered everything, and super slippery ground, we got it done around five o’clock that day.

By the end of the day, we were both so tired from the battle with the weather that I think we went right to bed as soon as we got home.

And the luckiest part was that the next day, the snow did come and dumped about a foot of snow over everything, which would have been absolutely terrible.

Even though I didn't make it online or with a business, that fencing day still keeps the record of five hundred dollars in a day.

My goal is to eventually be able to beat that one-day earn, or possibly make even more.

Furthermore, that day taught me how much that five hundred was worth. It was still money that could be used on anything, but it had been earned with a lot of hard work and hustle.

Because we jumped on the opportunity that was given to us, we were able to make some decent cash fairly quickly. Was it easy to earn? Absolutely not.

I’m starting to notice though, hard work and determination earn more money than “easy”...

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