How To Make Money With Animals

“Sixty-seven percent of households own a pet of some sorts”

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Animals have been a part of human life since the beginning of our existence.

They’ve been a source of food, companionship, protection, and even a predator at one point. From the early Homosapiens domesticating dogs for protection to using carrier pigeons in WWI, humans wouldn’t be on earth and surviving if it wasn’t for our animal companions.

And like our past ancestors, there are ways to make money with our furry companions.

If you are an animal lover like me, having the opportunity to be able to earn some cash by working with living creatures is amazing.

I happen to be blessed to live on a farm, surrounded by rolling fields and pastures alike. We have and have had tons of animals. From cows, horses, sheep, and goats, too chicken turkeys and ducks, back to cats, dogs, rabbits, and fish, we’ve had it all.

You don’t have to live on a farm to take advantage of the local creatures either. By living in a city, there are more options for local clients and more family-owned pets than out in the country. With a major bonus being that it’s all close together when you happen to live in a higher populated area.

And the best part? All you really need to get started is some basic handling skills and people skills. That’s it. But at the same time, it can be both easy and complicated depending on what branch of the method you choose.

Regardless, there’s always going to be the sense of the unknown, cause one day everything could turn right upside down.

Understanding The Animal

Firstly, before you go and start working with an animal, you have to understand how they work. Again, I’m not an expert but I have a lot of experience when it comes to working with them, and this is what I’ve come up with.

First thing is to understand the animal. If you want to be a breeder or a trainer, understanding your animal is dire. A quick google search or a couple of youtube videos should do the trick.

I try to see if the animal has any species-specific traits that would be considered abnormal.

An example would be when I was younger, I had a cat and when he went to close his eyes, this weird film would cross his eye and it had me freaked out. Fast forward to after the good

word of my mom, I learned it was my cat’s third eyelid, which dogs don’t have.

Next is kind of a duh, but some animals are not going to be as social and loving as others.

This comes down to three factors. One being what species it is, the personality of the animal, and how that animal has been raised.

Some species are just more social than others. Dogs are more social and human dependant than say a cat, which prefers the quiet and to be able to do its own thing. Dogs are pack animals and their survival depends on how well they work together whereas cats evolved to hunt alone and to be alert every minute of their existence.

Personalities of animals depend on who and where that animal would have grown up. Some dogs are just non-social. They just like to be given an occasional pet and left to go on their way. Whereas a dog who has more of an outgoing personality will be the life of the party and in your face 24/7.

Another big factor that influences an animal’s behavior is the owner itself. You can tell a lot about a person by how their pet acts, as pets are mirror versions of ourselves in a non-human form.

Lastly, how the animal was raised is going to affect how well or not well it can be handled. If a dog was raised by a family that abused it, that dog is going to grow up hating humans and being absolutely scared of them. Same goes with an animal that grew up being used to having it’s every need tended to whenever it wanted going to become extremely spoiled and needy.

You can also tell how easy or how hard working with an animal is going to be by a first impression. If it shows signs of a good well-mannered pet you’re in luck, and if shows signs of distrust, you’ll have to spend time gaining its trust before any ground can be covered.

Understanding the animal you are working with is extremely important. With having that knowledge, you’ll be able to work better and more effectively and it’s worth asking and looking into the history of your certain client.

The Importance Of Staying Calm

No matter what you do, no matter how many precautions you take, there’ll be times where you’ll be walking into a stressful situation.

Ever heard the saying “they can smell fear?” because they absolutely can. There have been times where you’ll be riding a horse or herding cows and something will spook them, and they’ll start to freak out.

And being a panicked human doesn’t help. Most animals will look to you for guidance, almost like a shepherd. When you start acting all scared and freaked out, you give them even more reason to become scared and panicked as well.

They’re been times where I’ve had some close calls, and the only thing that’s saved my life was the ability to fight through the panic to remain calm because my life depended on it.

No matter how freaked out you are or how scary the situation is, always and I mean always stay calm. Like I said before, most animal behavior is just a mirrored image of yourself, and this is no different.

I’d also recommend not getting mad at any animal because that will get them riled up and will cause utter disaster, no matter how hard they p#ss you off.

Different Ways To Earn Capital From Animals

1. Becoming A Breeder

By definition, a breeder is someone who takes a pair of animals and breeds them to have them produce offspring.

Breeders can breed any variation of any animal, whether that be a mammal, a bird, a reptile, to even fish, there aren’t many restrictions to choose from, but be sure it’s legal in your country, city or state before you continue on.

The first step you’d want to consider is what kind of animal you’d like to breed. Some good questions you should consider could include how well you know the animal how often you see it around in your area and if there’s even a demand for that particular animal, and how hard or easy it’ll be to raise and nurture the young.

Once you’ve picked your animal, which should have a high to moderate demand, that coincides with your experience, you’re next move to choose the parents. Unless you’ve chosen a certain reptile or bird that reproduces asexually, which means it can reproduce without having to be fertile, you’ll need a male and female.

Choosing the right breeding pair is absolutely crucial. You want to take every step available and make sure you don’t skip any corners, which could be disastrous further down the road.

They both should be top quality animals, and you want to both know where they came from, and observe what the parents of each animal were. Your biggest concern is to make sure the animal isn’t inbred, and it doesn’t have any genetic defaults.

Once you’ve chosen your parent pair, the next part is relatively easy, you just let them do their thing and depending on the growth period, it could be either a number of weeks or months that you could see them reproduce young ones

After the young ones have been born, it’ll be a couple of weeks before they start to be super active, and when they do it gets to be the most important part.

Once they’ve gotten up and are mature enough, it's your job to make sure they're in good condition to go to a new home. It’ll be a few weeks yet until they can function without their mother being there, but in that time whether it’s teaching them how to eat store-bought food, drinking water, or using the litter box, it’s all-important. You could even go a little above and beyond by teaching them basic commands if they are able to learn it.

What you are trying to establish is that this animal won’t have a fear of humans and that they’ll be comfortable around them. If they aren’t, once they hit a certain age, training will become extremely difficult to the point of impossible.

After the youth are old enough and are fit to leave their mom, all that’s left is to find them a good home and say your goodbyes. After this, you’re done.

You can repeat this process as much as you like, as long as you keep in mind that some animals have reproductive limits.

The process of being a breeder can take anywhere from less than a year to more than a year, and you don’t have to breed just one pair at a time. If you have space and commitment, you would turn to set up a sort of farm.

Farms work best with animals that only have one offspring, but since many smaller animals have more than one this shouldn’t affect many people.

Become An Animal Trainer

Like the title says, being a trainer your job is to train an animal to display or do whatever you consider being desirable. Your job is to work with the animals day after day until they end up learning what you are trying to teach them.

Training is the kind of gig that requires a wack ton of patience. Sometimes the animal can be eager to learn, or even better is it’s young and willing to learn. Or it could be an animal whose aggressive and is old, which will make training almost impossible.

What you’re going to want to aim for is finding animals when they’re young, because like the saying goes “Can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Younger animals are easier to train solely because they don’t know any better.

Like young children, they haven’t learned what they can get away with and what they can’t, which you as the trainer can use to your advantage.

Even humans today learn best through repetition, the act of doing something over and over until it’s almost like second nature. Animals are no different. Once you get them to actually do the specific task and reward them with some form of a treat, you should be good to go.

It’s been said that clickers work great for training, as they symbolize a treat will be coming to after they do what there supposed to do, kind of acting as positive reinforcement.

Like with being a breeder, the biggest aspect you are going to be working towards training young animals or even old animals not to be afraid of human interaction. It's this fear of humans that is the leading factor in accidents that sometimes can be fatal.

I personally like to weed out the signs of aggression and fear, and by working with my pets every day, I’ve established a connection that lets me hug my cows any time of the day without the fear of being trampled or squished.

An Overall Animal Handler

Of the three I’ve listed, this is definitely the largest. An animal handler can literally be just about everything. From an animal walker, an animal sitter, a groomer, this list goes on and on.

It will also be the easiest of the three, cause little or no experience is needed. Whether you live in the city or out in the country, there will always be a demand and work to be done.

The amount of people who own pets is crazy, and most people don’t have the time in the day to care for our furry friends.

Let's use vacations for example. 40% of people take at least one vacation a year, combined with the fact that more than half the people in the U.S have pets, you’re looking at a lot of pets who will be by themselves when their owners leave.

Like humans, animals gotta eat and have water every day just like people do, so all these vacationers will need someone to look after their pets. The absolute perfect opportunity.

What's even better is that it usually doesn’t (but not always) take an extended period of time to accomplish your tasks. Meaning you can crush multiple jobs on say a Saturday or after school, and bam you got yourself a self-employed job.

If constant caring isn’t your type, let's consider the elderly. Stats show that more than half of people from 60-80 have pets, and when you get older your body starts to slow. Meaning there will always be a need for someone to walk and elderly’s dog.

As far as animal caring goes, walking dogs isn’t had at all. I personally love it cause I’m getting exercise while making money at the same time. An absolute win-win.

There's also the fact that you can walk more than one dog at a time. I personally wouldn't recommend this for beginners, because some dogs can be aggressive and have a tendency to fight with other dogs, making walking more than one dog a pain in the bum. If you’ve done your research and have done some tests with the dogs, only then will it be best to start walking more than once.


Animals are one of the main reasons we’re alive and thriving on our planet. They've become a crucial part of our daily lives, and we couldn’t survive without them.

I’ve always been a hardcore animal lover since I was able to walk, and I don’t think that will ever change. I’ve been an animal breeder and trainer, and now my life revolves around the care of our beloved animals.

If you're like me, finding ways to turn your obsession with animals into cash is the opportunity of a lifetime. It’s fairly easy, and although it can sometimes be a pain in the bum, in the end, I’m earning cash for doing something I love.

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