The Easiest Way To Become A Self Employed Entrepreneur

“The average freelancer works around 30 hours a week, with an average salary of 21$ per hour”

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Like I’ve said many times before, the internet has changed society forever.

We can talk to anyone anywhere, at any time. The internet allows us to also order anything that you can think of, via the huge eCommerce industry.

The best part of the Internet? It also allows many people to become employed.

They can work their internet-based job right from their home office or the comfort of their couch.

But adults aren’t the only ones who can make money from the internet. Throughout history, this is the absolute golden age of opportunity for younger adults.

Whether you’d like to become a Youtuber, a social media influencer, or a sports card flipper, the possibilities are just about endless because of the connection of the Internet that around 3 billion people use worldwide.

For the sake of this post, we’ll be looking at the profession known as a freelancer.

A freelancer is a person who is self-employed and offers services on a job site or workplace. As a freelancer, you’re usually paid by the job you do, and most freelancers work on each job for the short turn

Where You Can Find Freelancing Jobs

There are many websites out there that offer freelancing jobs., and are all good sites to find freelance work, but for the sake of this post we’re going to focus on what's known as the best freelance site out there,

Fiverr is a company that was launched back in 2010, and is now valued at around 1 billion dollars.

Like all the other freelancing sites, Fiverr is a site where individuals can offer services and skills all around the world in exchange for payment.

How it works is that when you first get on the site, you have two choices on what you can do. You can sign up to become a person who is there to sell freelance services, which after all the registration and creating a profile, you’ll have to create what's known as a gig.

A gig on Fiverr is kind of like a job description. You’ll post what service you’re offering, and what the price is. As a beginner, the starting price starts at around 5 bucks, but Fiverr takes 20% of what you make so you’d only be taking home 4 bucks.

As a seller, the more you work and spend time growing your influence, the more people will want to hire you, meaning you can charge more for your time and skills. More on that later.

The second option you have on Fiverr is you can buy other people’s services instead of selling them.

By buying other people’s services, you can get help with stuff you're not super good at (like say website design or coding) or you can purchase promotion for your website for fairly cheap.

There's pretty much a seller for every Internet service you can think of, and if I had to recreate and redesign my website I think I would have paid to have someone at least take some of the brunt work.

Because when I created my website, I had ZERO experience with any sort of website design. I’ve been working with computers and technology all my life, so I have a degree of skill, but even that only helped a bit.

Nothing that I did in my past could have even remotely prepared me for figuring out how to create a website. It felt like learning how to walk or swim all over again.

The design part was the trickiest. Figuring out how everything works and how to move everything around so it all looked nice took so many tries it left me exhausted for so many nights.

Overall, the whole process took around a month, whereas if I hired someone to do it, it would have taken maybe around a week, which would have saved too many nights of frustration and repeat youtube videos.

Buying services also has another benefit, and that's how you can use it to grow your business. You can hire someone to say manage an Instagram account and grow your following or organic reach, or you can pay someone to give you a shoutout on their youtube or Instagram for a couple of bucks.

How Much Can You Make?

Like I mentioned before when you first start out your pay begins at 5 dollars. As easy and awesome as that may sound, you have to remember that when you're a freelancer you’re competing against hundreds of thousands of other people.

And since you’re a beginner you won’t have experience and a good reputation to back you up. So the chances of someone hiring a brand new person with little to no experience in freelancing for the same pay as someone who has a reputation may be small, but it isn’t impossible.

When you land that first gig, it's a MUST that you deliver that gig at 110%, to ensure that you’ll get better rankings for future jobs in the future.

As you grow your skills and rank, you can start to charge more for your services.

If you're patient and are good at what you do, you can get into the Top Sellers categories, where most top sellers make 25,000+ a month, but most regular Fiverr freelancers can make around 2000-5000 a month working part-time.

Best Jobs For Beginners

After some research, these are what I found to be the easiest freelancer jobs that you can do with only a small degree of skill.

1. Become A Proof Reader

As long as you love to read, this one should be great for you. It will require you to be fairly proficient in grammar and the workings of the English Language (Something I’m not super good at) so you can actually find them and fix the mistakes throughout the individuals or business’s paper.

2. Translator

If you speak another language, this one is the one. All you’ll have to do is take the individual’s paper which is written in one language and type or write it out in the other language.

This is also a great way to pick up on how another language works if you’re learning a language.

3. Logo Designer

This is one that I’ve personally done for an awhile and I can personally say that it can take a lot of creativity and some basic computer skills.

What usually happens is a business or person is having trouble creating a logo, so they’ll give the details to you and it’s up to you to create a couple that they’ll hopefully like.

4. Photo Editor

All this one requires is a basic editing program and minimal experience, and you’ll be good to go.

People will send you pictures that they want either touched up or completely changed, so you’ll go through and edit, crop out, or even change backgrounds to the photos. It’s also said retouching photos are one of the highest-paid jobs freelancers can do.

5. Data Entry

This one is extremely simple and straight forward. All this one requires you to do is take in paper copies of documents, and type them into their digital forms.

The faster you can type, the faster you can get it down meaning the more money you can make. For teenagers, this one might just be the easiest one on the list.

6. User Tester

Being a user tester means companies and businesses will send you their data program, and it’ll be your job to go through the program to find the flaws in it.

Whether that be testing software, a mobile game, or even website features, what you could be testing could be as big as the next Snapchat.

7. Social Media Manager

If you surfing the web for the latest tea, this one might be for you. Social media is an absolutely huge industry, and there are tons of people trying to be the next Tik Tok star or Instagram model.

There are people out there who are looking to hire someone to post high-quality pictures, grow your following, and even reply to comments for you. I’m betting 99% of teens and young adults have some sort of social media account, so you almost certainly have some experience with running a social media account.

8. Website Designer

If you struggled as much as I did when learning how to build a website, you can seek out someone to do it for you. If you’re proficient in code and knowing how to get the certain damn HTML tags right, and you can do it fast this will be a killer way to gain some cash.

The amount of websites in the world is huge, and thousands upon thousands are launched every day, usually by people who had zero clues like me. Website design is also one of the higher paid freelance jobs that are out there too.

9. Ghost Writing

If you like writing and are a good writer, then this might interest you. A ghostwriter is someone who writes content, articles, and blogs for other people.

This isn’t like guest writing or blogging because you’ll be writing on behalf of the company or person you’re working for. Like data entry, the faster you can write or type the more money you can potentially make.

10. Youtube Editor

Like social media, Youtube is a huge industry by itself. If you’ve ever edited a video, you’ll know how long and drawn out it can be. Frame by frame, you’ll crawl along through the video until you notice the audio doesn’t match up with the video, meaning you’ll have to start all over again.

It can be extremely frustrating to edit videos, but like everything else online, there are people who are good at what they do, and they can do it quickly. If you’re good with editing and have the patience for it, a Youtube editor might be the gig for you.


Day by day, the world is moving faster and faster to living online. The creators of the Internet have started what is probably the most revolutionary invention in the history of man, and on the backs of the tech giants, we push new limits every day.

With the huge boom, the Internet has created, like everything else in history it has created the opportunity for many people to capitalize and earn money from it.

From a translator to web design, the internet provides THOUSANDS of jobs about anything you can think of that most adults and teens alike can start and make decent money through it, and the best part is you don’t have to be an expert on it either.

Overall, if you’re in high school or post-secondary and you find yourself in need of a little more cash, and you have a little experience with skills that other people consider valuable, freelancing through big companies like Fiverr is the way to go.

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