My Experience With Making Money Online (So Far)

The Problem

Honestly, I get it, I’m seventeen and I’ve worked three jobs so far. I was an apprentice to a carpenter, a farmhand, and a guy who pumps gas and all three are good if you want to work for minimum wage. Which by all means is okay if that works for you but me, it didn’t cut. I live too far away from the closest town to make it worth it because what I would make after school I’d burn in gas getting there and back in my car. So this got me thinking and that's when I started googling ways for me to make money online.


For my skill level, I came up with three easier ideas that I liked the sound of. One being an eBay re seller, which I think shouldn’t be easy, but I think the hardest part will be getting there due to my location and how much I’d make compared to how much I’d lose. This idea I’m going to hold out till I go to university since I’ll be living in the city which will have more opportunities and without the drive. Scratching this one of the lists, it leaves me with my other two options, freelancing and logo design, or affiliate marketing.

My next move was that I was going to design a logo and have it submitted to a buyer who would then choose which design was for them and would then purchase it, where I’d then get paid. The problem I had with this was over 2 weeks of work, the odds of my situation started to get me thinking. Anyone could watch a video on YouTube where “Anyone can make 100 dollars a day by doing this specific technique”. I was a sucker for that, I thought magically by doing something I was pretty good at I’d make money instantly, and I was extremely wrong.

That video sold me and I had this image in my head where I’d be making lots of money for doing jack all where the odds were, with some of the contests I was competing with, I had a 1/6000 chance of being picked for my logo, which didn't provide the type of environment I trying to build for myself. The last point of why I stopped was I am creative enough, but it's almost impossible to perfectly see what the buyer is envisioning in there head and then try to digitally recreate that for them, which was more headache than it was profit because even after all the work was done, the chances of my idea being picked are extremely low.

This left affiliate marketing with my last of three choices. Again, like the logo idea, I started on the wrong path. I went straight to YouTube and typed in “ How to make money with affiliate marketing”, throughout the next day and a half I submerged myself in all content of how to make quick money with affiliate marketing and again hit the same wall as I did before. By this time I had spent a couple of days doing what the guys in the videos were telling me, by finding someone's product and creating advertisements on some low traffic sites hoping to get commissions, but with no visible results insight anywhere or even any hints of traffic had visited my ads, I began to rethink my whole approach and philosophy towards growing a business.


In the long run, what I’m trying to say is there's no quick fix to a big issue. I know it may sound dumb, like kinda a duh moment, but if you were to come to me after I watched those videos and tell me it wasn’t going to work, I would have thought you were nuts. All because I believed those guys in the videos. That's where a person believes can be extremely powerful. By believing I could make money fast, nothing was going to stray me from those thoughts where in reality, I should have been believing in making money slowly and building over time, where actual money can be made. Only after you come to realize this, can you start your journey into being an entrepreneur and creating an income stream.

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