How To Win The Battle Of Wanting To Quit

“Only 20% of people set goals in life and out of that 20%, over 70% fail to achieve them”

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No matter where you go or what you’re going to do in life, it’s only going to be a matter of time before you run into something that’s going to make you question what the hell you’re doing.

It may come in any shape, size, or form that you could think of, but you can guarantee that it’s out there.

You could be the strongest willed person in the world, but these little “bumps” are enough to even dismay the strongest of individuals from completing their goal.

This is where the battle begins over your mind and your passion, one wanting to persevere and push through, while the other wants to give up the fight at the first sign of a struggle.

Many people fight this battle daily, and no matter what you do they don’t get easier either.

But it’s this concept of battling with yourself over whether or not you’re going to give up or push through that really defines who you are and how much you’re willing to give to get what you want.

That’s why having the ability to be able to win the battle is absolutely crucial to the journey of your passion because once you’re able to win over your mind, there isn’t anything that will be able to stop you.

I come across these little bumps all the time, whether that be a small little reason like I don’t understand the certain formula we’re learning in school to bigger reasons like if any of my dreams or passions will even work out in the end.

The feeling of uncertainty sometimes feels like I’m standing in front of a gigantic mountain that’s dotted with crags, gorges, and cliffs. And at the very top, there are my dreams right for the taking.

All I’ve got to do is climb that huge mountain, with nothing but my bare hands. Day by day, I’ll climb the mountain even though I might not make great progress, I’m still getting closer.

There are some days, where no matter what I do everything just doesn’t go how it’s supposed to go, and those days are the hardest. The battle of wanting to quit is right there in my mind all the time, and sometimes it just turns out to be too much.

So here are the things I do to win the battle of wanting to quit and be able to keep going when the going gets tough.

Determining Whether It’d Your Mind Or Your Body Telling You To Quit

This concept is based on a quote I was told by a friend, and it goes as follows. “Your brain will quit a hundred times before your body does”.

I find this statement to be 110% true, and it can apply to just about everything you can think of.

Let’s say that your in the middle of a workout, and you’ve just hit that point where you’ve gone all sweaty and the will to just keep going isn’t there.

This is where I find that my mind tricks me. I may be exhausted and I’m telling myself that I can’t do any more reps, and I’m convinced that I can’t go anymore and that I’m done for the day.

This is an instance where it’s your brain telling you to quit, not your body. It took me a while, but I’ve now been able to control these urges to stop when I know I have energy left to keep going.

And the crazy part? Once I stopped listening to what my brain was telling myself, I found that I had the energy to do WAY more than I thought I could. There does come a point where your body does get tired and for me, it’s the point where my body and limbs get shaky.

This is when I allow myself to stop, knowing that I’ve completed my original goal, while also going the extra mile to get that little extra in.

Another place I find myself battling my brain is when you have to wake up early in the morning. I can say for sure, no matter what I tell myself the night before, getting my self up in the morning is in my opinion the biggest battle of mind over body ever.

No matter how much sleep I get, my brain always convinces myself that I need more sleep when I know for a fact that my body will be just fine without that extra sleep.

Determine How Much Your Goal Means To You

When you’re choosing something to pursue, as in a goal or a dream, you wouldn’t choose something that you didn’t believe in or was something that you didn’t like.

But for this to work, when you choose to commit to something, you have to fully believe in whatever you’re doing because there’s going to be times where the only thing keeping you against quitting is the urge to complete your goal.

Choosing something you full-heartedly believe kinda serves as “quit proof insurance”, because like Elon Musk said, “If something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favour”.

I can say from experience that there’s going to be days where all you got to work with is your desire to pursue your dream. Hell, it’s the one thing that everyone starts with. Things won’t go right when you especially need them too which will make it feel like the whole world against you, and the easiest way out will just be to quit.

Believing in your goal 110% is the one thing that might waver, but should never go away and as long as your stubborn enough not to let it go, it will be the key factor in crushing your dreams.

Try The Half Method

I’m not quit sure if this has been talked about by anyone else, because I’ve never heard of anything like this before, and this was something that I came up with during another one of my workout sessions.

This method does require a certain sense of extreme stubbornness, and the mindset that you’re not going to give up. It mainly serves as an endurance tactic to make whatever you’re doing feel like not so much work.

Like I mentioned before, there’s going to be things that are going to make it feel like you can’t go on. This happens almost too often to me, especially when I workout.

So one day, I really can’t quit remember when I exactly came up with it, but I found I started splitting all my reps into halve. This was when I discovered how useful this actually is.

So let’s say you’re doing something that requires 16 of something (I chose 16 because it makes the math easier to explain).

It could honestly be 16 of anything. I found it works with time, reps, pages in books, steps, and just about anything I could think of.

Let’s assume you’re going to do 16 reps of something. Right off the bat, 16 is a big number to be thinking about, so like the name suggests we’re going to half 16 into 8.

Now instead of focusing on 16, all you have to focus on is 8, but I don’t just stop there. I’ll half my goal until I get to 1 because once I’ve done 1, I’m halfway to 2.

Once I’ve done 2 I’m halfway to 4, and from 4 I’m halfway to 8. Now that we’ve gotten to 8, we’re now half-done our goal and it’ll all be a downwards slope from there.

From my personal experience, I find that it’s an uphill battle getting the first half of my goal done because now instead of approaching the middle, you approaching the end.

I find it’s just easier to keep my focus on smaller objectives until I hit that halfway point because by then you can see the finish line and you’ve pushed through the thought of wanting to give up.

Remember Why You Started

The last and final thing I think is important to remember when you doubting yourself is to think about that one goal you chose at the beginning.

If you’re passionate about your goal 110%, a little refresher about what you want to accomplish should be enough to get you back on track.

And if your really not feeling it, it’s totally good to take a break or even try something else, because sometimes we don’t really know what it is we want and that’s ok too.

I find that looking back to see how far I’ve come in achieving works to help get me refocused. I find that the best feeling ever is once you’ve completed what you’ve set out to do, you can look back in time and see how all the dots that seemed to be all over the place can together to form your vision.

That’s what I’m working towards. Each and every day doing a bit more progress, so one day I can look back to see how far I’ve come and thank myself that I never gave up.


I’m a firm believer that the battles we face with ourselves about our goals are a test, a test to see how much we really want it and if we’ll do whatever it takes.

Like everything you do in life, some days are just not going to go your way and the feeling of quitting is going to be there.

So just remember, it’s good to be firm with yourself, but don’t be too hard on yourself.

The brain can accomplish anything you can dream of, it just requires a little determination and stubbornness on your part.

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