How Ditching Partying Is Good For You

“The Average Person Will Spend 600 Dollars A Year On Alchohol”

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Don’t get me wrong, parties can be super fun.

You get to meet new people, create memories with your friends, and overall have a great time.

Social events are also very good for your mental health because as with what’s all going on in the world today being cooped up all day can begin to take a toll on a person well being.

I’m an introverted kind of person, meaning I can handle long periods of time at home, usually by myself too but there’s even a point where I have to get out and see my friends.

I’ve gone to a few parties in my highschool years, and I’ve decided that they’re really not for me (I’m more of a game night guy myself) but I’ve seen a lot of people have the time of there lives and have heard even more stories.

But the one thing that I have noticed, is that parties and going out have negative effects on your life as well.

Like I mentioned in my last post, peer pressure is a serious thing that many kids struggle to either break free from or conform to simply because they don’t want to be the guy who’s the one not with the group.

Like almost everything that you’ll encounter when you’re younger. Parties too will begin to add up, and it will start to get really, really expensive. That doesn’t account for the effect that the alcohol will take on your brain either.

In the end, I’m one of those kids that just doesn’t believe that it’s worth it. I personally have never drunk alcohol in my life and I’m 17. That alone makes most of the other kids give me the weird eye, but that’s okay.

I’ve broken down how I think partying and going out isn’t worth it into three main categories.

1. Social Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is a fact of life. The kids who tend to stick to themselves or are the quieter type can usually get targeted for being different than everyone else. If these individuals are anything like me, being confronted about not showing up to that huge party or hang out after school can be enough to leave you speechless.

Sometimes being the person in the spotlight is terrifying, because when everyone is staring at you, you can almost feel everyone’s opinions of you floating everywhere.

That alone will get most kids to crack, giving in to whatever they’re trying to convince you to do.

It takes a lot of courage and the sense of just not caring to be able to stand your ground because some kids just don’t like going to that level of craziness.

Also, this isn’t true for everyone. Some kids like all that, so the sense of social peer pressure might not even be there for them, at that instance.

But I’m willing to bet that even the most outgoing kind of person has felt the effects of social pressure.

From what I’ve seen when I’ve been at parties is that once someone gives in to peer pressure, they’ll continue to give in in the future. It’s kind of like once you lose that strength to say no, it’s gone.

You end up going against what you want for the benefit of either fitting in or making someone else happy with the victory that they got you to do what they want.

At parties, this could be being persuaded into trying your first drink, or something that you’ll end up regretting.

If people are trying to get you to do that latter of the two, it’s certainly because they want you to look stupid, so that they’ll look like the better person.

As dumb as that sounds, it’s true. That’s why parties are bad for this because there’s usually no authority figures there to stop stuff like that from happening.

And I know this because I’ve been there and I’ve seen it happen. I haven’t given in at parties are anything, but in other instances, I have solely because I cared about making other people happy instead of respecting my own wishes.

So if you take it from me, if you’re that kind of person to actually want to do whatever it is, do it. But if you’re going to give in to make other people happy and fit in, it’s not worth it.

Even if you get singled out, I can promise you that giving in to peer pressure isn’t worth disrespecting your personal boundaries and wishes.

2. Negative Effect On Your Brain

I just want to make this clear right now. I have no experience in any medical field and am not a credited medical expert, and all this information I’m going to present has come out of my research and conversations I’ve had with people who know what they’re talking about.

This all started when I started taking the driver’s ed course.

Throughout that presentation and course, we covered all the basic stuff you’d expect, including intoxicated drivers. It was during this point in the course where we were presented with what I call shocking facts.

As it went into detail about the effects of alcohol on your brain, two pictures came up on the screen.

One picture was of the brain when it had consumed alcohol, and the other was of a brain without having any alcohol inside of the body’s system.

The pictures are pretty self-explanatory, and since they’re copywritten I’m not allowed to show them, but a simple google search will show you.

In the pictures, the brain that has had alcohol consumption is shrunken, shriveled, and black in some regions. Other pictures also show that tests of memory conducted on the same two subjects showed that the level of cognitive function had also been reduced dramatically.

All in all, I’m no fool, and after I saw that the sheer force of what actually happens to a person’s brain when they consume alcohol hit me like a truck.

Parties might be awesome in the short term, and like I said before they can be fairly good for memories, and are so-called “more fun” when alcohol but I’m a firm believer that a hangout isn’t worth the consequences on your brain.

I saw a quote once about the effect of alcohol on the brain which I think speaks for itself.

“You are born with a limited amount of brain cells that once they’re gone, they’re gone. You can’t afford to lose any”

3. How Costly It Can Become

In my city, alcohol is everywhere. Just like the rest of the world, it’s a fairly big part of people’s lives.

Now, as I’ve said before I’m not a drinker but I have a rough idea of how expensive drinks actually are. In Canada, now that there are taxes on it its around 50 dollars for a 24 pack of beer.

Just think about that. 50 bucks for 24 cans of alcohol. And since most teens will be making around minimum wage, that’s around four and a half hours spent working just to pay for something that most people will drink in a day or two.

That is absolutely ridiculous, and those stats were on the lower end too. It’s crazy that someone would even consider paying that much just to drink.

And by teenagers and people with not tons of money, that 50 bucks is not something that you could easily be throwing away. Not to mention how addictive it is, meaning once they finish they’ll head back to get more.

Before you know it, you’ll be stuck in a hamster wheel. Even at my school, I’ve seen kids who struggle to pay for gas to drive their car to school make sure they buy their drinks for the weekend.

Again, if this is something you like doing have atter, I’m not going to stop you. It’s the fact of how pricey stuff like that can be that gets to me.


Going out and partying can be great, but it can also be not so great at the same time.

If you like partying, I don’t want to discourage you from doing what you like. I just wanted to share all the reasons why I don’t usually go.

I’m a person who worries a lot, but those pictures about the different brains scared my right to my core and are the main reason why I’ll never drink alcohol.

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