3 Things All Students Need To Remember While They're In School

“Studies show that 80% of students feel stressed while they’re at school.”

When you’re under the age of twenty-four, there’s a decent chance that you’re still going through some sort of education system. Whether that be middle school, high school, university or college, it’s all a form of education.

As important as education is, sometimes the place you get that education can be much more of a stressful place than a place full of joy. Don’t get me wrong, looking back on it I really miss the days when I was in school and grades didn’t matter too much, but at the same time, the negatives that come with school can really suck.

The expectations and workload you’re given and are expected to do can cause major stress and anxiety, which over time will start to suck all the life out of you like an unseen disease. There’ll be days where you are going to feel like you don’t fit in and feel like the only person in the world.

Or when you’ve put in days and days of work on a project that you were proud of and worked hard on only to get a bad mark because the teacher doesn’t see it for what you do, the list of negatives can go on and on.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that school isn’t always going to be the picture-perfect scenario that so many of us believe it to be. School isn’t all bad things though, there’s actually a lot of good things that come with being in school, the only thing is sometimes the effects of having a bad day feel worse and stick with us more than the feelings of having a good day.

This is exactly what I’m hoping this article is going to be for, things to remember for when you’re going through the bad days.

So without further or due, here are three things that students need to know while they’re going through school.

1. School Isn’t Everything

As much as all the teachers and parents are going to argue with me, the fact still remains that school isn’t everything. All though it is going to help some in life, I personally wish I didn’t take it so seriously.

What I mean is there were times in school that I would choose to work on my studies instead of going out with friends. I thought that by prioritizing my studies over going out with my friends was the best option I had until it backfired. Yes, I got good grades in the short term but now that I’m done with school, that short term fix means nothing.

What I tended to see while I was in school was that our education system basically turned into a competition. If you worked the hardest and you got the best marks on everything that we did in school, you got some invisible status of being a “successful” student.

This was what I was striving for when I was in school and all that work means absolutely nothing now that I’m no longer in that kind of environment.

Instead of having memories to remember and stories to tell when I get older, I instead have a couple of decent marks on paper that now means absolutely nothing. Take it from me and don’t be afraid to go against the tide.

There’s no reason on earth that should compel you to get the highest marks. Unless that’s something you’re aiming for, average marks will be sufficient enough.

Don’t be afraid to take the time to detach from school life to enjoy your life in the present, because if you don’t I can bet that you will once you done, and life’s too short to live with regrets.

2. Enjoy This Time In Life

I know I said that school isn’t everything, which it most certainly isn’t, but the amount of time that school requires you to be in is a blessing in itself.

What I mean for most people you have twelve years of schooling (not including post-secondary) but for the purpose of this article let’s assume that you’re around being in tenth grade (or an average of three years left)

These three years are going to probably be the easiest stretch of time that’s going to come in life. You don’t have many expectations or responsibilities on average, and more than likely you’re also going to be living with a parent of a guardian as well.

So, with an easier time that being school provides, use this time to build something for yourself that you’d be willing to pursue. Start that blog, youtube channel or TikTok account. Start flipping sneakers and sports cards or start that side hustle you’ve always wanted to try.

Try each and everything that you’ve ever wanted to do because, in the end, this is the perfect opportunity to make your dreams come true.

3. Always Do What You Want To Do

Here’s another concept that I will forever backup. Never, ever do anything that you don’t want to do.

For me, this was doing something that my friends didn’t want to do. Ever since I was little I clearly remember making sure that whatever we were doing in school, I did it with my friends solely because I didn’t want to be alone.

Whether it was choosing what activites I was going to do to track and field, to choosing what sports I was going to play, this pattern would last till around my grade twelve year of school.

I was CONSTANTLY terrified that by doing something that I wanted to do (which usually was the less popular choice) that the people I liked weren’t going to come with me.

In the end, I did end up getting sick of doing stuff for other people, and slowly, step by step I finally became more and more comfortable with usually just doing my own thing that it never bothered me anymore. I had finally gotten over my fear of being alone.

If I had just been a bit braver and had the guts to go out on my own more often and do my own thing, I would have saved myself a lot of grief and anxiety. Nothing on this planet is worth going against what you feel you want to do, and I can say first hand it isn’t worth having to learn it later in life.


I don’t know what your personalized situation is, but I hope you found something in this article helpful. This is a sort of different post than I normally post, but I thought it may be needed because at the end of the day we’re all just human.

I know that for some kids and students school is going to be an absolute living hell for them, while it’ll be the best years of another kid's life.

Life really is too short and I find we’re reminded about this all too often in the day to day life, so we might as well spend as much time as we can enjoy it for what it is to you.

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